Vietnam Veteran...Thank you for you service.

Vietnam Veteran...Thank you for you service.

At Patriot Forge Works we believe in saluting the men and women that are the backbone of this country and make it great, military personnel and first responders.  So with that, we will highlight some of their stories, because they're worth sharing  as part of our continuing superhero series.

The very first one is near and dear to one of our founders.  Brian's dad, Ted Ehrlich, aka PopPop.  Ted grew up in Pittsburgh, PA the oldest of seven.  Ted served as a CPT in the 1st Cavalry as a forward observer (13F) during Vietnam.  From his efforts in combat, he received the Purple Heart and Silver Star.

Not only was a Ted a leader on the battlefield, but also when he returned.  As an entrepreneur he built and led multiple successful businesses.  But, in spite of all those accomplishments his most current occupation is his most prized title, that of grandfather, (PopPop). 

Our hats off to you Ted.  Thank you for your heroic service to our country and thank you to all the other men and women, past and present, that keep our country strong.

Strong People.  Strong badge hats.

Stay tuned for more highlights of everyday heroes.  Soon we'll be launching our line of customizable hero badges where you can order a badge cap and customize it for yourself or a hero in your life!